nginious! Swiss Blended Gin


A Swiss Gin of the highest quality

Swiss Blended Gin was the first nginious! creation; it is very fresh and well-balanced, full of character and contains a herbal note. The 18 botanicals can be clearly smelled and tasted. It comes with great complexity and seems very soft and harmonic even when drunk pure, despite its 45 % vol. Whereas most gins lose their aromas when tonic is added, tonic water opens up the nginious! Swiss Blended Gin,
showing its power.


Juniper, barberry, laurel fruit, citrus and sweet orange peel, fresh grapefruit, cardamom, hay flower, clover blossoms, bee balm, verbena, hyssop, camomile, black currant leaves, orris root, carline thistle root, galangal, liquorice

Maceration & Rest Period

Preparation: Fruits are tossed gently by hand, and followed by a brief, intensive maceration. Rest period is at least 6–8 weeks after distillation.

Serving suggestion


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