In the development and manufacturing of nginious! we invest plenty of creative energy and a lot of time. Every step is handcrafted. We divide the botanicals used into separate groups, distill them individually in small batches and only blend them at the end.

For the nginious! Swiss Blended Gin we use four different batches with fruit components, citrus elements, herbs and roots. This way we can balance the individual botanicals better and get a harmonious and complex gin.


After the blending, it rests before it is bottled. Only this additional time really rounds off the gin.



In total, we process 18 botanicals for the Swiss Blended Gin, including herbs that are very typical for Switzerland, such as golden lemon balm and lemon verbena.

From the original idea to create a Swiss gin at the highest level, the vision developed to go completely new ways and to give exciting and surprising interpretations to an overused spirit.

This is how the world's first gin matured in a barrique barrel was born: nginious! Vermouth Cask Finished Gin as a barrel-matured version of the Swiss Blended Gin.

The packaging with the leather label is also something very special with this gin: each filling of a new barrel receives its own design with its own leather edition.

With a completely new recipe, this gin is wonderfully light and fruity-floral, the perfect counterpart to the herbal Swiss Blended Gin and "Everybody’s Darling" from the very first moment.


The Summer Gin uses far fewer botanicals than the Swiss Blended Gin, a conscious decision to highlight the character of this gin. It comprises of botanicals such as peach, jasmine blossom, rhubarb and fresh lime - all typical of summer.

nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin is definitely our most extraordinary creation. A completely new gin that has never existed before.

A classic gin with coriander, ginger and bitter oranges, the Smoked & Salted Gin is finished with very unusual ingredients, notably chestnuts (cold smoked flakes) and smoked Sel à l'Ancienne Salt from the Swiss Alps.


The Smoke and Salt act as botanicals, which do not dominate the gin, but form part of the whole, and blend into the composition to harmonise well with the other botanicals.

On the occasion of the opening of the Liquid Spirit Distillery in Basel we have – as the first production ever on the new still – the nginious! Distiller’s Cut was distilled.


Unlike the other nginious! gins, which are all blended from single batches, the Distiller's Cut is a classic London Dry Gin. With notes of lavender and thyme, it is finished with a Mediterranean twist.


This limited special edition, of which only 3,000 bottles were produced, is filled into magnum bottles (150cl) specially designed for the opening of Liquid Spirit Distillery. Each of these magnums has a uniquely engraved and numbered copper plate- upon request, the name of the buyer can be engraved on it.


Therefore the nginious! Distiller's Cut is the most personal of the nginious! Gins.

The ngroni! by nginious! is our interpretation of the classic Negroni cocktail and is bottled by us as a bottled cocktail - ready to drink!


In addition to the Swiss Blended Gin, a vermouth, previously stored in Barolo barrel, is used. In fact, it is in this barrel in which the nginious! later matures their Vermouth Cask Finished Gin. To complete the third component of the ngroni! a traditional Swiss bitter from an ancient Turin recipe is used.

In 2019 we extended the line with the Apéritif by nginious!. 


Intensive citrus and herb batches are mixed into a wine-gin base. Lemon and grapefruit peels, rosemary, calamus roots and other herbs are additionally infused in it.

The Apéritif is rounded off with regional acacia honey.