Just as novel and unique as the gin creations is the idiosyncratic packaging of the nginious! editions.

Years ago, we bought a uniquely shaped Victorian hip flask at a flea market in London. This became the model for our own nginious! bottle.

We always wanted labels to reflect the contents of the bottles.


This is how the bathing cap for the Summer Gin, the leather for the matured version (classic hip flask!), the flamed wooden label for the Smoked & Salted Gin and finally the copper plate for the Distiller's Cut were created - the copper plate is a symbol for the copper pot still on which the gin is distilled. With the third birthday of nginious!, when our own bottle was launched, the Swiss Blended Gin also received a new, red design, to express its Swiss origin.

In the Liquid Spirit Distillery, we not only manufacture the gins, but also our leather and wood labels - from cutting to embossing. Each bottle is labelled and bottled by hand. This also applies to the Summer Gin - though the bathing caps are understandably not self-made.

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