Since 2014 we’re turning the gin world upside down and developed nginious! to one of the most innovative gin brands.

What once started with the aspiration to compose a gin, which with its fine herbal note, freshness and clarity is understood as Swiss gin from the first sip, was rewarded in 2018 with the award of the nginious! Swiss Blended Gin as the best Swiss gin at the Swiss Spirit Awards.

A much more important motivation for nginious! was, and still is, the search for something that did not exist before. We believe that the magic of our brand lies in the ability to continuously push people’s expectations to new limits, without neglecting the tradition of gin.

So we have been the first to create a gin matured in a vermouth barrel


In the heart of Piedmont, red vermouth di Torino matures in former Barolo barriques before Swiss Blended Gin is aged in these barrels for 6-7 months.

With the retro swimming cap we have created an almost iconic bottle decoration for the summer gin, which not only brings the summer in the bottle, but also brings it on the bottle.

And the Smoked & Salted Gin was the first smoked gin that was also salted and for which the chestnut was introduced into the world of gin as a winter fruit.

Since 2017 nginious! is produced in the Liquid Spirit Distillery in Basel.

In the beautiful premises of a former mill, Oliver Ullrich and his wife Iris Menne-Ullrich produce all products for nginious!, host tastings, workshops and events and organise worldwide sales.

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